favourite bartok pieces?

hmmmmmmmmmmmm, yarr!

allegro barbaro?

da sonata?


2nd, 3rd concerti
Music for strings, percussion, celeste.

koji (STSD)

sonatine too, LOTS of wikid short piano pieces too

  1. and 2nd piano concerto.
    All solo piano music
    Sonata foh da piano undt daz sonat fur two pianus undt das percussion.

-daz mef


concerto foh anuz & orcheztrah 8)

i dont know many of hes works, but pozzibly sum of him pc’s

Scherzo fo 88 and orchestra. Yeah, dats it but I hate Allegro Barbaro.

hahahaha, ghey


Bartok was rather unknown for most of his life until da last year before he died, da Serge Koussuxevzky(spelling)(one of the conductor who recorded Rach3 with da Ho) gave da Bratop $1000, for him to composed da Concerto for Orchestra, da most famous work in his life.

Da Bratop then received da fame he deserved, which then da composed several more works including da unfinished Bratop Piano Concerto 2.


da Bartok 3 was unfinished. da two first concertos was finished during his life time.

-da Meph

o yea


we all make them :smiley:

-da Meph

da BIRET playz da BART2. it cant pozzibly be dat hard can it 8)

hahaa, da famouz ZIFF story, which i cant be bothad to tell

da Ideal Brat plays around 50% wrong notes, drop another 50% of them, so it’s not that hard fo her.

yeah n what bout Bishop Kova Cheez Whiz?

who else can make them oct jumps like my man Pollini?

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