favourite beethoven sonatas?

hmmm, yarr

Da hamklav


freespace.virgin.net/info.alnwic … sicsoc.htm

im gonna see da disciple of da brendel in jan play dat mofo 8)

Op. 109 is da shizznat, yo.

Peace out all ma homeslices

haha, i concur 8)

I think da Leitch Sonatas are nice.

hahahahaha, what da fuck iz dat/!?!!?!

Leichte sonata, i mean. op 49. :blush:

hahaha, i just noticed we have a wikid embarrased emoticon wikid!

ill have to look dat mofo up jackson, what key is dat mofo in?

Op. 49 No. 1 in G minor, Op. 49 No. 2 in G major (IIRC)

My faves are Op. 109 and 110 and My favourite early sonata is Op. 7.

ah yeah, op 49 are da short ‘easy’ ones

dey r actually 2 of da most wikid


Da very first one. Especially when da finale iz played up to SDC speeds. http://chopinforum.com/~mazeppa/btv_sont1_mov4_sdc.mid

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ahhaha, EXACTLY!!!



so u do haff fury after all?

fcourse, but I appreciate genius in composition most

Fury is one of da many aspects at da composer’s disposal.

As Beethoven put it:

A composer is like a hypnotiser, he can let the listener journey through the emotions the composer felt while composing…

And let’'s say there’s more to life than fury

yep: comedic genius
but often dey be very close to each other 8)

comedic genius be at the otha side of the line and fury at the otha
but when u bend da line to form a circle dey become very close to each otha

Exactly rite NERD.

In fact, da Albert stated dis in his general theory of Furitivity. 8)

hahaha, his hair implies MUCH fury

and sheer electricity 8)