Favourite Cello(&piano) Sonatas & performances

I LOVE the Rach, Chopin & Alkan Cello(&piano) sonatas, and have other favourites too.

Which are your favourites and what are the best performances you’ve heard of them?

For the uninitiated -

hmm cello…

yes… yes I think I’ve heard of that

Only one I know well is the Rach. In for recommendations, however.
Only other cello sheeyat I know well is the Dvorak concerto. That’s good shit!

Chopin 4th is my favourite of his sonatas, such a rewarding piece.

The Alkan is really quite a piece, one of his best works imo.

Chamber music is not dis forum’s thing, good luck!

:nigga: Amaj pozz my fav.
Mendy Dmaj is great.
Brahms either (F is one of the most difficult zongs in the rep)
Schumann Adagio and Allegro is gorgeous.
Da Zhoe cuncerto also has the most gorgeous 8 barz every written in the zlow mov.
Shosta Zon is cool. I like the Prok too but almozt sick of it the amount of times I’ve played it.
Da Bridge Zon is a powerful piece. Amazing Rostro live rec.
Ginastera Pampeana no.2 is fun.
Da Luto Grave is an awezome piece.
Da Pizaiola Grand Tango. Dis perf is fuggen amazing!

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Chopin-Lola: Nocturne in E flat

:nigga: Da Rostro & :rectum: live

Anything to support a tranny. :tm:

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Great picks!

I love this one also.

hahahah recently heard tha ELGAR cello con which wuz dramatic n playd in a wikid ztylee


alzo tha fuckin BARREN conductin :sunglasses:

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I’m all about the Richter/Rostropovich Beethoven Sonatas on Philips. I also like the Fournier rec with Schnabel. The Rach cello sonata is great, and the Chopin is okay. Schumann Op 73 is also classic, and the Brahms Sonatas are amazing. As for concertos, I like the Dvorak and Elgar a lot, but I think the Schumann is my favourite. My favourite cellists are Rostropovich, Fournier, Starker, and Navarra. (and Casals, of course).

The Bach cello suites are amazing too, of course.

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Yes, and those VIDS of Richter and Rostropovich iz gold tru

Also try da FIREMAN, one of the greatest cellists of the 20th Century

Man, this tone…

This is another favourite work.

And one of my favourite obscure Cello sonatas, incidentally by a female composer:

Also the most rewarding obscure set of sonatas I’ve discovered is Rontgen’s
His language is very much like Brahms - but more melodic and tuneful, less ‘great’ - but very accessible and enjoyable. Sample this -