favourite chopin works?

hmm, yarr

ballades, preludes, etudes

25/9 is one of mah fave chopin pieces actually

da GrandPoloShirt 8)

hahaha, da mixture of panty and FURY

i haff to say - i think his greatest cycle is da ones i mentioned

and i would say da preludes are his greatest achievments

  • most etudes & mazurkas (although, I obviously favor some over others… I’m a great admirer of the 10/1 & 25/12, and da mazurkas Op. 6/1, Op.33/4, Op.63/3 (which i’m learnin now), Op.67/, etc… there are many)
    - military polonaise & the op.35 (<-- the later of which is one of my top top top chopin works)
    - Scherzo no.2 (<-- freakin love this one)
  • Sonata Opus 35, No. 2 in Bmin
  • Sonata Opus 58, No. 3 in Bmin
  • most preludes
  • certain waltzes like Op. Posth No.14 in E Minor
  • some nocturnes, like Op.9/1

i believe da preludes are da both da chop’s greatest small scale AND large scale achievment

if played as a whole 8)

All da FURY etudes and all da FURY postm poloshirts. Dey iz fuckin WIKID.


haha, whetha da 10/2 is a FURY et depends upon interp

da chopets, da military polo, da heroic and da op 34 no 1

i actually like da op1 rondo alot too

Polonaise-Fantasie Op. 61 and Fantasie in F minor op. 49 are mah favourites.


28/2… if played really fast 8)



Weird, no one mentioned the 4 impromptus at all.

Well, Me harppenn to think they r 1 of the finest set in Chopin’s works.

dere is 1 prob

dey r pussy shits

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soft and slow