Favourite conductorz & orcheztraz

Pozzibly in da wrong zect :rofl::whale:

But zince we haf occazionally dizcuzzed orcheztral workz n zymphoniez…

Can we dizcuzz da unique qualitiez dat make da zound n interpretive ztylez ov different conductorz n orcheztraz

I love da crizp zound ov da Berlin Phil and have really been enjoying Petrenkoz perfz dat I’ve checked out
He bringz da feelz.
Da orch bring clarity n pure tech.

Diz a gensui combo.

Kondrashin is my favourite conductor. Always fast, intense performances with a massive dynamic range.


I luv da GOLOVANOV extremes n intensity


Great compozer too! I mail ordered a copy ov hiz 88 zonata from Finland randomly, rarezt zcore I own.

Pizzedoff dat it’z now freely available on da tube when I played inzane import coztz :rofl::whale:

but a bit wikid, check it out tru

My favourites:

My favourites are:

Karel Ancerl
George Szell
Otto Klemperer
Carlos Kleiber
Rafael Kubelik

Pretty standard picks. For living conductors I like Honeck and Petrenko (Vasily or Kirill, both great).

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Dam hiz Eroica waz awezome and da recorded zound and orch are zo crizp and ear candy.

Could you upload any more of hiz recz?
Fo zhor intereztedin hiz :nigga: 5&7 and anyzheeyat by him really,he lookz like he haz a good zeriez of recz on da ‘reference’ label.
Da CG ov da label name being dat hiz recz are both literally and figuratively reference recordingz :whale: rezpec diz lack ov modezty

Coming right up. :+1:


I’m embarrassingly ignorant about this, the only conductors who’ve kept leaving enough mark (mainly through PCs) for me to take note of their names are Kondrashin, Svetlanov, Kleiber, Blomstedt, Szell and Ancerl. I don’t have any deeper familiarity with them either however, and there could very well be others I like as much only that I haven’t made the connection with their names yet. I almost never listen to the regular symphonic repertoire, for whatever reason I’ve never never developed an interest in it. If not music involving a piano I preferably listen to lute, baroque ensemble, organ.

Orchestras - no opinion of any, except that I’m happy with the Stockholm Phil and I feel strongly about the Portsmouth Sinfonia.

Carlos Kleiber is my favorite. Others from the past are Evgeny Mravinsky, Wilhelm Furtwangler, Bruno Walter…

From living conductor I’m big fan of Mariss Jansons. I’m really looking forward to Kiril Petrenko’s collaboration with Berlin Phil. - many people told me that he is absolutely amazing, perfectionist in a way Klebier was.

Some of the top experiences I’ve hears live were:

  • Janons - many times with Bayerisches Rundfunks or Amsterdam Concertgebouw (particularly memorable were Mahler 1, 2, 4 Bruckner 7, Brahm 2, Don Juan, Vorspiel & Isoldes Liebestod)
  • Abbado & Mozart Orchestra (Schumann 2, Coriolan overture, Mendelssohn 3) (I was not greatest fan of Abbado, but his last 2 decades esp. with that orch. were out-of-world)
  • Mehta & Vienna Phil - Bruckner 8
  • Bychkov & Vienna Phil - Tchaikovsky 4 (the same work with the same orchestra with Dudamel
  • Rattle & Berliner Phil - Mahler 4
  • Staatskapelle Dresden (Thielemann Wagner program, Myung Whun Chung Mahler 9)
  • French National Orch (Gatti - Petrushka; Masur Franck Symphony
  • Philharmonia Orch & Salonen (The Rite of Spring)
  • Budapest Festival Orch & Ivan Fisher - awesome combination

Probably many others…


Maazel, especially during his tenure with the Bavarian RSO;
Bernstein’s performances with the Vienna PO were electrifying.

Don’t feel embarrazed, part ov da reazon I created diz topic wuz becuz I wuz lamenting my own lack ov diverze knowledge and while I know many namez and have liztened to many recz…I haven’t really got an ear for feeling which conductor iz which - if I wuz tezted.

Apart from da obviouz Karajan zlow beautiful zound , Bernztein emotivenezz, Tozcanini oldzkool brizknezz.

Bernztein wuz my introduction thro hiz lecturez - abzolutely love him az a muzical perzonality and zpeaker.

No I’m not embarrassed, I just mean that with the enormous amount of time I’ve spent on music in my life I should have picked up more. But what it comes down to is that I have never interested myself in the repertoire. In fact I did my first orchestral performance comparison only last year when I was looking for a satisfying Eroica. I never found one, but comparing different recordings gave me some feel for the conductors’ personalities and qualities. But I’ve forgotten all about it now.

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I love these two as well. Kubelik’s live Bruckner 9 and live Mahler Das Lied w/ Baker & Kmentt are my favourite performances.

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Why don’t you just take a huge playlist of orchestral works you’ve never heard before and go through them? Conductor comparisons of course aren’t necessary until you start to really enjoy the pieces.

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I should, but the interest just isn’t there. An orchestra for me is a slow moving machine, I miss that agile “one mind” quality, the personal connection, you get from solo instruments.

Right now what I’m more interested in is chamber music. I don’t think I mentioned it here but I listened to the entire chamber concerto by Chausson a few weeks ago after da Pomme highlighted the slow movement, and holy shit what a piece of music. I’m also really looking forward to my string quartet concert next year, even though there’s a very real possibility I’ll spend the 2nd half with earplugs and a sudoku.


Chamber music is beautiful but for some reason I never bother with it at home. What’s on your program?

Rezpec! Chauzzon haz an incredible beautiful pre-imprezzionizt zound world.

Many people hear Debuzzy n think woah he appeared out ov nowhere but tiz not tru, da firzt zeedz ov imprezzionizm ztarted wiz da PIMP and even Chopin in hiz zenzuouz workz lyk da Barcarolle.

Try diz work, u can actually hear Chauzzon’z influence. I find it beautiful from da ztart.

One ov my fav rarely played late romantic Polizh compozerz.


Plowright recorded it alongzide…Friedman’z own Piano quintet! hiz moz ambitiouz work. I’ve only heard da zamplez but it zoundz very intrerezting and I’m attracted to da zoundworld right away.
Doez anymofo haf diz dizc?

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Can I put a good word in for Janacek’s 2 SQs? These are some of my favourite works.