Favourite Non-88 Cuntcertoz?

A lot ov wikid rep out dere dat barely any ov uz dizcuzz.

Diz alwayz been a fav ov myn.

Diz abzolutely legendary clazzic vid

and diz juz daim…zpine tinglin zolitude n zorrow

My favourite concertos of all - including piano - is Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.


Hahaha daim dey iz a bit legendary tru, but haf U actually explored hiz hundredz ov otha concerti?

Not many are at dat level but a fair few are, and it’z refrezhin to hear dem

I have very limited knowledge, but I have started to listen to more and more non-piano music, so here we go:

Prokofiev - Violin concerto no. 1
Sibelius - Violin concerto
Tchaikovsky - Violin concerto
Brahms - Violin concerto
Mendelssohn - Violin concerto
Beethoven - Violin concerto
Mozart - Violin concerto no. 5
Berg - Violin concerto

Haydn - Trumpet concerto
Hummel - Trumpet concerto

All of these are great.


Yeah and for the violin I highly reccomend the Barber violin concerto. I think comme u will like it!


There’s a LOT of great Violin concertos. Maybe as many as piano

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Not in the hundreds, but I have heard a fair few dozen others. I mean I love him, but he is a little bit like Henselt in that he kept writing the same thing over and over again - I think the Seasons is where he nailed it, and if you like those you’ll like just about everything else too since the remaining concertos are mostly variations of the same artistic ideas. But what a world he has given us - one of the many favourites outside the Seasons is this, which should be familiar to anyone who has looked in to Bach’s organ works: YouTube

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Seems dominated by the Violin and Cello concerti. Aside from some obvious ones (Mozart Clarinet Concerto, Horn Concertos, etc.) here are some other favorites:

Poulenc - Organ Concerto
Jongen - Organ Symphonie Concertante
Bartok - Viola Concerto
Kraft - Timpani Concerto
Nielsen - Flute Concerto
Vaughan Williams - Tuba Concerto

and these

Bartok - Concerto for Orchestra (had to sneak that one in)
Bach - Brandenburg Concertos :slight_smile:

Do Concertos for the 176 count?


Violin Concertos (unfortunately don’t listen to much other than 88 and violin concertos)
Respighi - Concerto Gregoriano
Korngold - Violin Concerto
Myaskovsky - Violin Concerto
Wieniawski - Violin Concerto 2
Vieuxtemps - Violin Concerto 4

Da Hyperion on top ov da romantic 88 cuncerto zeriez haf deze -



Zum wikid dizcoveriez

Tru da Zart clarinet concerto is amazing

Sibelius VC.

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Check out Sibelius’ original edition of the VC with Kavakos. It restores a lot of good material that Sibelius cut in his effort to make it tighter. I now prefer the original to the revised (same with Rach PC 4).

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Lotsa good violin cuntcertoz out dere.

Letz not fuhgettabout da Cello.


I’ve been listening to Violin Concertos a lot this month.

First, some concertos I think a little overrated:

The two that are probably the most highly regarded, I agree are regarded this way for a reason, because they are spectacular:

And other great ones I’ve listened to recently:
-Barber & Meyer (Hahn recording)
-Mozart 3, 4, 5
-Beethoven (would rank it up there with tchaik and Sibelius)
-Schoenberg (dis shit is juzt CRAYZ…SDC worthy piece)
-Prokofiev 1
-Shostakovich 1

There’s also this cool DG record of orchestrations of Shostakovich Violin/Viola Sonatas:

For the more adventuresome, I recommend the Berg and Bartok 2 VC’s.


For juicy romantic types, check out the Glazunov and Conus, both concertos in a one movement mold, ala the Liszt 1st.

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Give Dvorak a try. Lovely concerto.

And just to show you how subjective music appreciation is… I absolutely LOVE the Mendelssohn and Brahms concertos and think Tchaikovsky is a bit overrated. Love the Sibelius though, that much we can agree on. :slight_smile:


Wut do u mofoz think ov da ZHOE violin conc?

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This is pretty exciting