Favourite recording of the Alkan Concerto for solo piano?

Favourite Alkan Concerto rec

  • Ogdon
  • Smith
  • Gibbons
  • Hamelin
  • Latimer

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Mine is Ogdon followed by Gibbons, then Hamelin.

ogdon and hamelin tie for me. then perhaps lindgren. latimer should be smitten off that list. his is godawful.

btw i got a live broadcast of ogdon doing this at indiana univ. anyone want it?

Um, Hell yes. Is that the 1977 rec? With the solo Totentanz?

Resect if you post that. I’ll find something equally respectable to post for you. Like the Zimerman Brahms Concerto vids that I forgot all about.

I would be interested in that, jre. And funnily enough, I have a live broadcast rec of Lindgren if there’s any interest. (I’m assuming it’s unreleased, but I don’t know his commercial rec.)

As to my favourite, I haven’t really heard enough to say, though Hamelin’s is of course incredible.

Yeah, the Lindgren is just a radio broadcast, unreleased. Unless you have a different one than I do…

jre; please :laughing:

I have honestly only heard Hamelin(3 recs)

-da Meph

yeah its from 1977. i dont have the solo totentanz unfortunately. i could contact the guy i got it from. perhaps he should have it. coming up…

Most likely the same. I’ll dig it out anyway and post it.

yes, that lindgren is worth posting for the guys that didnt get it last time. its a really great recording.

HAHAHAHAH da DOC zpeed obviouzly da ztandard, but DA TIMAH IZ ACTUALLY DA MOZ TRULY FURIOUZ INTERP :comme: :comme: :whale:

i vil randomly vote fo da TIMAH 8)

The only reason I put Latimer on there was for the humor of seeing him have no votes. You’ve ruined it.

I haven’t listened to Gibbon’s in like 2 yrs. Will listen again now.


may i juz azk…y da fuck iz diz even a queztion…


hactually dat iz also my favourite version. Fucking insane pyrotechnicz. :stop:

ahhaha tiz ma joint top 88 vid of all tym, along wiz da ziff improv :ziff:

da GIBB dezervz da VOTE more dan da LAME
daimmmmm i voted for da :comme:

  1. Smith 2. Gibbons 3. Ogdon 4. Hamelin 5. Latimer.

The one we should be waiting for is the rediscovery of Egon Petri’s old radio broadcast.