Favourite release of 2018

Same as last year:

a) Favourite album released in 2018 (Can be a historical performance as long as it was released for the first time this year), and

b) Favourite 2018 recital (including bootlegs/radio broadcasts)


Fav releaze: TRUMOFO PIMPZON wiz cummentaire :sunglasses:

Fav rectal: da HULKAN Hamamofo TINKLED round 3 :lib:


Favourite album: I’ll have to think about.
Favourite recital: of those I attended, I’d say Aimard’s Catalogue d’oiseaux. That was magical day (and it was snowing too). Chamayou complete TEs was also a good one.

I cant hate on dat ozcah winnin ART. tru i luv zlingin hate fo genzui, n az a friend to da TM I wished da hate actually got thru to hiz genzui chimp head…but DAYUM; he should be demolishing some of hiz local competitors.

pozzibly some mofoz around here dun do him any favors though


The release I’ve listened to most is thanks to da Canadian - Hough’s Dream Album.

A lot of it is due to the repertoire - I love that kind of cotton candy stuff. :blush:

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Wut iz dat? Cotton kkkandy I rezpec az well but tru be a bit mo specific

I remambah da firzt carnival candy peace I really ever heard wuz da plate muzic boz CG

Check out the randomness of the rep.

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I’ll have to think about release, but concert is easy - Ohlsson’s Busoni concerto. Not even my breakfast deprived brain forgets that one! I’m not an Ohlsson fan, but Greg B had gone through the same thing with him in the 80s and told me already in advance it’d be a memory for life. It sure was.

I think it’s been a great year actually. Every single concert I’ve attended has been memorable, and several good recordings have appeared as well. For recitals my contenders are Levit/Stockholm, Pletnev/Amsterdam, Wang/Berlin, Hamelin/Warsaw and Sokolov/Stockholm - all of which left a lasting impression. It’s not easy to choose, but I think I’ll go with Levit. I really didn’t like what I had heard with him earlier, and he certainly had flaws at the recital I attended as well which was like listening through a 1950s radio, but he did a lot of things right too, and the surprise element was significant. If Sokolov hadn’t come and ruined things as usual later in the season I’d say it was perhaps the best Beethoven playing I’ve heard from anyone in 15 years.

I’ll wait with crowning the best Brewtleg since my favourite could still come (by proxy), but up until now it’s Wang - with a nod to the recent Anderszewski.

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thanks nigga!

Ms Heels has the mics now so hopefully she can get something saturday night.

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Fav. release I suppose the new Pletnev recording, I’m happy to get that Bach 818a. Fav. recital maybe Pletnev / Liszt, I don’t know, nothing jumps out. Fav. new discovery (and release actually) probably Dmtri Ratser’s op. 42 Medtner Skazki.

Edit: another favourite discovery / release - Grigory Kogan film that I uploaded last weekend. Finally learned about his wife and her suicide. I’d been trying to find info and the film has a good chunk of it.

Oh and fav. Brewtleg, the Levit / Prok 2.

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I’m too old fo most of my local comps, which are scams to begin with

Imma keep going, but, da priotity is da DMA n da Klingon :sunglasses:

Fav release: Rach home rec n da Diraña prickson 2 vid.

Oh yeah, good call on the rach. They didn’t need 3 CDs for that though.

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Vikingur Olafsson’s Bach CD probably. But I haven’t listened to that many new recordings this year

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My favourite albums (in order):

  • Perahia Hammerklavier
  • Olafsson Bach
  • Moog Debussy Etudes
  • Eckardstein Dupont/Debussy

Favourite concerts:

  • Volodos Paris
  • Freire Paris
  • Aimard Messiaen
  • Ohlsson Busoni

Honorable Mention:

  • Yuja Rach 4th and Levit Prok 2.

Moog’s Debussy Etudes were very impressive, probably my favourite set now. I don’t think I listened to Perahia’s Hammerklavier, randomly.

Volodos Paris?