favourite schumann works?

he was an insane mofo, yarr

Scenes from childhood is a masterpiece.

let me correct dat sentence:

Da scenes from da chillhood iz a mastahpiece.


Da DavidBundlerTanze is a mofo


u fackin bastard, I was gonna say dat one 8)

da Kreisleriana op.16


why!!!thank you


haz anyone heard da shoeman pagets? From da score, dey appearz to be convincing SDC reproductoire. Maybe da doctah should record dem, and bag anotha dozen or so records. 8)

i haff da demus recs

Da Symphets, Da Kreisleriana, Da 3rd Symphony and everything else. 8)

second sonata… as played by dre

i havent heard it but da jeff seems to disagree

Pozzibly 14 yrs later? :sunglasses:

zum Old Sdc :sunglasses:

All the major works except Op.11 really. His best works are arguably the Fantasy, Kreisleriana and SEs, but I think my favourite is the Davidsbündlertänze. Most underrated: Op.111… or Op.99. Less obscure, but still rarely played.

ahahahah objectively a bit zheeyat :sunglasses:

ahahahah da zepp back den ztill had faith in da DOC fo diz kind of zheeyat

da zepp today juz unleazh it himzelf :stopwatch: :sunglasses:

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Nope nope nope. The opening to op.11 :heart_eyes:

Op.14, yes. Or no rather.

haha dis phase 1& 2 Doc lingo.

hahahaah i dun lizten to much zhoe but lyk tha KREIZ n tha happy farmah :sunglasses:

hahhaha tha violin zon iz gud alzo :doc:

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Yes, the A minor one is a wikid piece!