Favourite Zoundtrackz n Zcorez?

Fo moztly Moviez but alzo TV n VIdeo Gamez & otha media.

Which are you favez?

I vil be inzanely random n ztart wiz diz gensui -

There are so many great soundtracks from French films from the '60s-'70s. Melville’s Le Samourai has a great one, which I’m pretty sure Blonde Redhead used in their song Elephant Woman. Composer - François de Roubaix


I think diz juzt one of da mozt gorgeouz, wondrouz zongz written. (Big Elfman fan)

Diz juzt a lot of fun

Diz juzt epic brazz zcoring


Oldzkool game zoundtrackz > Modern onez

diz JUNGLAH THEME pozzibly da moz wikid evah tru

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Some classics there! Love Exodus and the Mummy Returns.

I’ve always liked this one

Yeah the Morricone spaghetti western scores are EXCELLENT.


I thought da :pear: not into film cumpozerz :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember the first time I liztened to this, was actually the movement after this (field of the dead) that shocked me the most. It’s so numbing coming after the massive battle.
The cuntata is one of my fav Prok’s.

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When the cumposahz are Prokofiev & Rota I obviously have a big interest! :smile:

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hahaha tha endin of hannibal zeazon 2 had a zupah zl*w verzion of tha goldburglah aria that wuz ok i thought at tha tym :lib:


ehhh liztnin to it now tiz maybe a bit weak but at tha tym twuz effectiv :doc:

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Fave video game zoundtrackz mofoz?

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

I randomly remember the music was good in Warcraft II too, but it’s been a while… :slight_smile:

Wut do U think ov oldzkool video game muzik vz newzkool?

Chiptunez vz. digital audio?

I believe da reztrictionz ov oldzkool game muzik lead to inzanely gensui n catchy zheeyat dat zeemz to haf faded zince audio technology got better

Tru, Lemmings was great. And how could you put down SMB or Sonic?



HAHAHA dat zonic 88 tranz actually zounded a bit lyk ztravinzky at firzt :whale:

This is from Oblivion -->

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