Feinberg Piano Sonatas

This topic is to discuss these awesome works I think its underappreciated more than even medtner, and VERY unjustly so Discus

i should get to know these :blush:

2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, are the best.

Esp 3,4,5,6

infact 1 is my current favorite now, absolutely stunning piano writing. The only recording of the complete set is the one shared by Samaltanos and Sirodeau, pretty well done for such an unknown set of works.

Yeah, I really need to hear more of these.

To help you with the process Ive uploaded the first sonata in the Recs section. Only a short work but worth repeated listens for the sheer quality of the piece.


Me have them in Norway but I is now in da holy land :frowning: or :smiley: Anyway 100% certain that jre haz 'em

deoz ne one haff a legit copy of theze zonz? publizhd by univahla :gav:

His nephew gave me his copy of volume 1 in Moscow, its a Russian print from the 70’s i think, its somewhere in my room I think

Love his welltempered clavier recordings!

thanks! I will definitely give it a listen