:nigga: fezt


All 32 zonz, including perfz by da Piranha, :lezbo:, :whale:-ette and Motel.

Because of the title, I was expecting you to be one of the performers.

Oh, it’s one after the other. End of year student recital-style.

This reminds me of when my teacher would have an end of year student recital at her home. Her tiny apartment fit everyone’s parents/grandparents. One year, during my turn I hit a wrong note close to the start of the first piece I was playing and I could hear someone’s granny make a “tsk” sound. A real confidence builder.

The chance of me agreeing to do a :nigga: zon perf is pretty minimal tbh. I’ve had a few in my rep at various points, admittedly. I think the only one which has been aired publicly is op 26, which is also.my favourite early zon.

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