Feztin robbah parasheeyat

Posted dis piece before, but

Yeah, don’t we all :tractor:

Anothah live rec from an old memory card, maybe my best live one from when I had dis mofo vaguely under control. (Coda is kinda difficult though, I remember my teacher telling me to rewrite ie simplify it and I wouldn’t.)

Quite fond of the transitional caddy at 1.48 :pimp:

Cmon t-gilf, a CG rape disaster surely.

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This one got similarities with da Pimp

Did you ever prax da Pimp Bob Devil? I rather like it and it might make an Unrivalled volume… that’s the paraphrase that made biatchs squirt spontaneously apparently

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The chordal sheeyat in the middle section which cums from da ballet seemed quite tough

Why not look at the William Tell? :camel: I think it’s a really good arrangement from the original.

there no good liszt bob the devils for decades sadly

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yeah the Liszt bob da devil got way fewer modern recs of value imo.

dun wanna get too ahead of myself, da upcoming release with da Tanned Ho is a real knuckleduster n I’m praxing for it now.

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