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Anybody know of a decent file sharing company? Preferably free(ish). I used to upload masses of stuff before (more on that in an introduction to come later), but haven’t the past five or so years, so I’m out of practice.

I’ve used WeTransfer free for the first few uploads, but the links expire after a week - not practical!

Mediafire is good if you want to store your own archive.

Another one is

I’ve been looking into this recently and it seems to me that if you want to store more than 10-15gb you need to pay and then mediafire is the cheapest option I’ve found. It also helps that it’s been around for more than 10 years already, so it’s not as likely to get shut down as mega, which has a more shaky history.

thanks for the tips. Mediafire has a 50% offer if you sign up for a year. Certainly better terms than others (WeTransfer) I’ve looked at.

So I think I’ll go for the Mediafire.

Have been monitoring and posting on multiple music sites for years. Here’s my limited view:

…We Transfer—I use the free service and it’s great for sending files to others but have no experience with its cloud capabilities; however, as you point out, with the one-week limit on storage with (at least with the free service), it’s a challenge. Also like the automated email notes confirming recipient has downloaded and reminder of account to be deleted if it’s not been downloaded by recipient yet. Upload/download easy.

…MediaFire—I use the free service for this and have for 5-6 years–has a 50G limit, which is generally OK as most concerts take no more than 400-500 megs in FLAC format. Need to prune old files periodically, but by then probably most of the recipient downloading has already occurred. A little more cumbersome in uploading than WT but long-term storage makes up for it. Uploading a little slower than WT.

…Fichier–have not had an account there but, in downloading anyway, seems cumbersome. Multiple screens, pop-up ads, etc. Account costs seem reasonable but not sure how it is to be an accountholder there. Have read over the years that they’re more prone to changing rules/pricing than others. For downloaders, Fichier seems to change its downloading speeds frequently, depending upon their sales promotion at the time.

…Mega–some members use this site, I think run out of NZ. Downloads fairly rapid and easy, though as a downloader, one needs to remember to ultimately click “save” after the downloading. Unaware of pricing considerations. Download speed reasonable but I don’t know about uploading speed/ease.

Hi Ron, funny you should mention 1Fichier. I just did a search for them, and it looks as if they’ve gone out of business. It was popular a few years back.

Yes, I think I’ll try the free option on MediaFire for the moment. Been decorating the house, and soon won’t be able to afford to live in it.

I’m setting up a second server and will be able to offer a bit of space for some of the members here. I will give a free 5-10 GB to anyone who is interested, so long as you only use it to post links at this site and nowhere else. It works just like Dropbox, and you can link files or folders. Unlike Mediafire etc, the links are direct, no splash page, no limits, no ads. DL speed is around 12 MB/sec

I’ll have it up and running in the next two or three days. Send me a PM if you’re interested.

Da Chris is a generous mofo.

I was just thinking myself about using dropbox as a sort of repository to share files from. But i expect others have had the same idea and dismissed it.

Respect brother.

First–real comradeship/generosity from Chris–not only in his offer but with all his posts. Bravo! (e grazie.)

As for Fichier, it’s possible they might not be offering to new users, but I downloaded from an opera site 2 days ago some stuff with a Fichier storage. Not sure if they’re fully operating, perhaps only for then-current users (ie not open to new accounts which doesn’t seem likely if they’re in business), or perhaps they just ceased. Again, I’m not wowed by them at least in a downloading role as they have multiple screens to get to downloads, speed is fair/slow, and they usually put minimum 10-30 minute delays in accessing second or subsequent files, etc.—but did want to report that they were able to at least download existing files as of couple days ago.

Fichier appeared when I looked for it today. The other day I was taken to one of these sites advertising unused web addresses. Very peculiar!

I tried both mediafire and . Mega seems better