Finally Da live Tanned Ho dat DASDC deserves

No… I didn’t learn it yet… and no, it’s not a 30 second Lola rec



And tiz not da :tractor:


This is actually pretty impressively raped!

Holy shit! Looking forward to this. She’s been a lot more artistically interesting since going nutty. Respek!


Rezpek for not simplifying the climax! Imo one of Liszt’s finest non-paraphrase transcriptions

Also… a new speed record?

Tags updated

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FUUUUUCK JEEEEEZZZ She recapture her early dong juan energy !

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Her playing is the real deal imo



Hey she’s in decent shape. Practicing again for sure

She dun give a single fuck… !

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going for a :tractor: :bar: hybrid feel


Although she was stupid enough to express really unpopular political views… she’s a pretty SMART pianist

:bar: wish he had octs like that

I typed in “bald man tractor”


fuck there is some really SERIOUS RAPE going on here

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Moiseiwitsch can play that raped without sounding crude

Or maybe we just give the golden age cucks a pass


You just know Lebresheeyat wuz really pleased with himself for the alliteration in his short description.

The lecherous literary leech.

Her recent style in better sound and production. I bet outside a beat piano on a phone that was wikid as fuck.