Finally get to perf SCRIB CONC

curiouz about da 21zt century zheeyatzu :sunglasses:

just ztudent zheeyat o a real piece?

To be honest, I think it is the piece it self that isn’t well known/liked. Will listen to it today

I haven’t listened to the Gerstein but should give it a shot. I’ll search for your link if it’s still here

I’ve had trouble with this piece. Spent some time with it this year. Still not totally into it but I like it a lot more, it’s growing on me. So far Zhukov on Telos is my favorite. Haven’t checked out Gerstein yet.

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If playing solo recs I do often give my grad students a chance to get a piece or two of theirs played outside academic environment, but this time all professional composers, two premieres of new pieces written for me by two badasses

Michelle Lou
Hunjoo Jung

and also a piece by strange tonal / computer music composer Richard Dudas
and also Steven Takasugi Die Klavierübung Mvt. 1 (played/attempted this before, but by far the most difficult piece I’ve ever attempted, makes Finnissy look like cake)
and also Chiyoko Szlavnics Constellations I-III, really really beautiful meditative stuff all with sine tones (well that’s her thing)

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if you wouldn’t mind linking me? I couldn’t find your Gerstein post in the search function for some reason…

Do you have the Takasugi sheet music in digital form? Would be curious to see, I know the piece from Knoop’s perf.

^^^ ‘honeydripper’

The Scriabin concerto is one of my loves, I really wish to perform it someday. Definitely more satisfying than any Rach conc, da candain is right


I have the Sudbin rec, I enjoy it a lot. It’s not the greatest, but I really like his range of colour.

Zhukov on Telos? When is that from?

I do but it’s in a huge zip file with every file (playback, rehearsal files with clicktracks etc.) needed for rehearsal and perf… I can just send you the PDF, but since it came personally from the composer and I know he likes to control who performs his stuff, maybe I can send it to you privately if you’re not gonna share it around

The link is dead anyway. I’ll repost.

Listened now. 3rd movement was the best. Surprisingly low intensity compared to most Scriabin, but still likes it. Beautiful melodies


I believe it’s a later recording from late 80s/early 90s. I’ll check the CD when I can access it.

I think it was 1996.


dayum da zkep hath now zeen da pdf fo diz “hardah dan finnizzy” note jumble. not zure nething can be hardah dan da worzt finnizzy stuff zince tiz already --impozzible-- but diz iz certainly --alzo impozzible-- but in a mo unpianiztic zort of way. It zeemz randomly cuntpozed o zum MIDI-mazhup, full of unplayable chord lyk da cogluotobusisletmesi except inztead of 10thz/14thz dey iz lyk 30thz hahaha. da perf notez zay u can ‘extract’ da ‘lezz ezzential’ notez :niggahnazi:


ahahahah mannnnnnn diz cunc

kind of lyk

da chop f minah cunc

wiz down zyndrome :sunglasses:



Tru, I love Scrib but diz conc is not nearly as Gensui as da op 8 set of ETz or da O-pussy 11 Precumludes.


I saw Demidenko do it live and it convinced me there was more to the piece.
That being said, don’t think I’ve listened to it since.


but diz iz certainly --alzo impozzible-- but in a mo unpianiztic zort of way

precizely, da finnizzy rewardz traditional pianiztic practiz but diz…