Finally get to perf SCRIB CONC

small community orch near where i grew up (but shares some players with San Francisco Symph so not bad) wants to inv me to play da SCRIB CONCERTO at end of diz calendar year

nice surprise, always wanted to learn/perf diz piece, played thru it hundreds of times but never really learned/practiced if u know what im sayin

but i totally lied and said I already know it well hahah TIME TO HIT THE KEYZ

unfortunately gig will also be within a few weeks of some gigs at unis playing all this crazy noteclusterfuck contemp music for piano and electronics so prax time will be limited, but ok, one hiztorical concerto is totally doable


Very nice, congratz!


Nice! Post rec!!!


if they give me one, will do!

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Can you bootleg yourself lol? :exploding_head:


Tru uze da zepp phone-on-m*zik-ztand method to zelf-bootleg :sunglasses:


Respect. I love the Scriabin concerto. Maybe as much or more than the Rachmaninoff concertos.


yeah it is deceptively inzanely hard tho

there is an interesting article on how da PLATE made his own transcription (which should be published soon) which is basically a simplification of what SCRIB himself wrote… the piano part is actually insanely hard, sometimes almost unrealistically so, and it turns out SCRIB himself played simplified versions of these passages hahah

gonna try to play exactly whats written tho lets see how it goes


Fuckkkkkkkkk :whale:


Twas written by a young Zcrib and maybe a tad inexperienced in da orchestration that can be quite frustratingly dominating, so that some 88 parts get lost - I’ve witnessed that happening when twas played by a very good pianist in a hall dat is famous for its acousdicks. Anyway enjoy!

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yeah it was the first time he wrote for orchestra as a professional; i’m sure he just did academic exercises before that (gotta go back to my biographies…) i mean look at the difference in orchestration skill between the concerto and Prometheus, which is at the very least concertante… but then again the aesthetic is majorly different too…

anyways lookin forward 2 diz


and to be clear, the orchestra-louder-than-piano-problem isn’t distinct only 2 da SCRIB or young inexperienced composers only, it’s a problem of the large modern orchestra in general, I mean look at some of the loud passages in the Rach concertos where you can’t hear any of the nuanced sheeyat in the solo part unless you have a really careful conductor tellin everyone to stfu


Big congratulations Satie. I have heard the concerto, but that is really as far as my own familiarity with it goes.

If you’d like to study recordings of the work in advance I have these ->


  • Maazel Studio 1971
  • Haitink Live 1972
  • Mehta Live 1975/1976


  • Kondrashin Studio 1960
  • Barenboim Live 1994
  • Domarkas Live 1996


  • Shostakovich Live 1970
  • Fedoseyev Live 1992


  • Lazarev Live 1995


  • Gauk Studio 1950


  • Gilbert Live 2012


  • Gorenstein Live 2005

Neuhaus, H.

  • Golovanov Studio 1946

Neuhaus, S.

  • Dubrovsky Studio 1970


  • Orizio Live 2018


  • Dobrowen Studio 1949


  • Yamada Live 2013
  • Gergiev Live 2014


  • Boulez Studio 1996


  • Järvi Studio 1978

I also remember Sudbin played it some years ago incidentally… but if I have any recordings of him they’re not in my list.

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To be quite honest, I don’t really know this work at all. Deniz Kozhukin will be perfoming it in Oslo on 12 March of this year (Vasily Petrenko as conductor). I will familiarize myself with it before that event


I love the second mvmt. most, it sounds like a set of variations in Nocturne style.
Dis already years my fav. rec.

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Gud luck mofo! REC it!

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The Feinberg and H. Neuhaus have always been my favorites, with Solomon a close third place… Once I totally know the piece, I’ll hit you up for one or two of these to see if I need the shock of another interp to give me any last briliant ideas :sunglasses: thanks for this!

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will try!!

I spent the last 6 months getting deeply acquainted with the Scriabin concerto and all the recs. I find the Gerstein rec to be the most satisfying overall (playing+sound quality). However, I’ve posted it several times and nobody ever comments about it, so I’m probably just wrong.

Feinberg is great, as is live Ashkenazy. Ugorski is decent, and Trifonov is not good.