Finally! Kapell cometh: … tml#200926

great! I’ve been waiting for this.

even thopugh i have the rach3 :wood: :wood: :wood:

i will still totally get thiz

Damn, I’m totally gonna get these.

Based on what I’ve heard, Kapell got better and better with each year… so his last recordings are sure to be his best.

The Chopin Barcarolle and Debussy Suite Bergamasque, in particular (neither of which we had any other performances of previously) are gorgeous, imo.

Tru, the debussy is by far the best recording I’ve ever heard.

Exactly, imagine what he would have played like after his death…

DEF getting this, posth respect n support 8) … ive=380597

I will likely buy that. Those “reDiscovered” sets are amazing (Richter, Horowitz) and are so suavely produced. Kapell rules.

respect the CHAIRMAN btw, Koji.

I ordered it a few days ago

Ordered it. Expedited shipping cuz I can’t wait.

Great news.

It’s sad when people die young, especially artists.