Finnissy and Ferneyhough (and Sorabji) - request-ish

I’ve downloaded Jonathan Powell’s recordings of Finnissy’s Verdi transcriptions off his website (which is excellent, even carrying Part I of Sorabji’s Opus Clavicembalisticum). They’ve got my curiosity up, and I’d like to hear more of Finnissy and, I am told, the more-or-less same-movement Ferneyhough. Does anyone own any recordings of these two composers?

Also, does anyone have the sheet music for the O.C.? I urgently need it for a school research paper… many thanks!

i’ll see what i can dig up in the next couple days. ferneyhough doesn’t have much, there is Epigrams and the Opus Naturam or whatever it’s called, which was later added to his opera. But Finnissy has several solo piano pieces.

im intereztd in tha “all.zheeyat.down” zheet muzic but haff nevah zeen it

da rob pp dun need zheetz 8)

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