Fiorentino's 90th birthday

True, happy birthday to tha legend!
One of my favourite pianists, he died when he was still at his best imo.
In his youth he could be a bit “two-paced” but even then his best recordings such as the Schumann concerto and Liszt Vision have stood the best of time.
Curiously, I still don’t know much about his life apart from the stuff you find in the liner notes.
I know he was married, but did he have any children?
Apart from Andaloro did he produce any pupils of note?
Was he really a forgotten pianist in Italy before EL helped bring him to greater prominence?
There seems to be a reasonable amount of info in the FB group but it’s more or less completely in Italian.
I really miss the old yahoo group which Ernst ran back in the day.

I wonder how many of those ConArtist CD-only releases are fake…

The Liszt etudes were proven fake. Probably the Chopin Sonatas 2 and 3 and also da Liszt Years of Pilgrimage.

I listen only to his approved SAGA issues and the live recs tru

I’d treat every CA release after his death as suspect.

Absolutely. crazy stuff, and shame on BC for shitting on Fiorentino’s legacy like that. FUCK


:fury: :tm: :tm:

The ONLY recordings in the entire CA Fiorentino series which actually has Fiorentino playing are the Gershwin Concerto and Preludes (not the songs!) on CACD 9234-2.

Meaning my favourite recording of the Paganini Etudes is a patchwork… :unamused:


have the artists been identified?

damn, now that fucking sux

and probably sped up too


The horrid thing is that it was the Liszt volumes there which turned me on to Fiorentino in the first place. Now it’s like the Fiorentino I loved… wasn’t him. :tranny.gif

But I like a few things anyway.

Curiously I never bought any of the CA fiorentino releases.
The recordings that made me love Fiorentino I got from Ernst.

Ffs can’t we have one topic without trannies

you mofoz are warming up to them!
rezpek da refined taste 8)

haha that photo is amazing.

truuu :ho: