Firefox 2 = Fast as BALLS

Get it NOW… :rectum:

will do n thx fo tha info :smiley:

haha i just got it. its fast as fuuuck. definitely sreccomended for speed demons.


haha i iz randomly still uzin da x-plorer :dong:

I might try dis out

haha IE has bugs and spyware and other sheeyats i hear. microsoft is probably watching your every move. get firefox and rid yourself of IE.

diz iz great!

da old firefox used sometimes lyk 90% of my memory capacity, if firefox hadnt been closed fo a long tym. they seem to have fixed that problem.

da new IE 7 is just SHEEYAT

dont ever use it. even loading a blank page at da beginning takes longer time than loading a porn vid.

This is tru

proud firefox 2.0 uzah

zince 10 minz ago :rectum:

feelz zomewat tha zame. altho tiz haff a nu zpell check i juz notice.