First International Tromsø Piano Competition

Sure thing 8) Finale is on friday

Heres Kohlberg with Janacek and Schumann. Missed the first few seconds of the Janacek, sry 8)

Great playing, worth a listen imo 8)

damn, i wanna see the music for salov stravinsky

If I meet him on friday Ill ask, cause I want to see that as well. Some insane pyrotechnics in that arrangement.


Thanks for the Kohlberg record, I couldn’t extract the Schumann due to a corrupt archive (download finished completely though), but the Janacek worked. It’s a very rare piece of music with such sad colors. I only heard it once before in a concert in late 2004 and still remember it like it was yesterday.

Can you fetch us a link for that? The sites I googled were all in norwegian which isn’t my language :slight_smile:

Here’s the direct link for the radio broadcast. I had to install a wmp plugin in firefox to make it work. Finale starts 19:30 norwegian time tomorrow, will be really early if you are in usa.

Thank you, I’ll try to record it then if I don’t forget :slight_smile:

I’m in CET time zone (Germany) so it’s okay :slight_smile:

Haha damn i just came back from practicing with sakamoto, I played the orchestral accompaniement for her in the Beethoven 3 she’s doing tomorrow. And daym, shes pretty good. And hot 8)

I envy you :slight_smile:

…and engaged, pozz :frowning:

I thought she’s married? As stated in her video interview in the Cliburn?

she is indeed

hey w3sp… where in Germany are you??

can you really record please??? i have to attend a concert in the school…

Well its game over, and we have a winner 8)

Svalov played the weirdest griegcon ever so he deserved 3rd, Sakamoto played best today i felt but the jury were probably considering the previous rounds as well, and that gave Mariangela the edge.

congrats to the winner of the first topoftheworld pianocompetiton

Mariangela Vacatello


nice. Randomly I don’t fancy Sakamoto at all.

ahhh i c 8)

RESPEC da teleportation from comp to comp :whale:


fuuuuuuk i missed cuz of da rendezvouz wiz som gurl :frowning:

Did anyone record anything from the final? please post it…I’ll appreciate it :slight_smile:

I’m happy that Vacatello got the ownage !

@Da Nor: I live in Cologne, da bezt city =)

She looks like a plasma tv booth girl at a random shitty TV conference on a remote island of Taiwan.

i wanna hear thiz rite of bling u mofoz wer talkin about earliah :gav:
neone haff a link or u/l?

rezpzec 8)

WTF??? Cologne???me too

Kandemir randomly??? ha hah ha

she looks beautiful… looks like my teacher