First International Tromsø Piano Competition

Indeed, its a pretty big event. And with 30.000 Euro in the 1st prize pot we hope some of the big names will come. (Who doesent want that kind of money). Tell everyone you know 8)

Looks like quite a competent jury, for a change.

Yeah. People like Dubal and Banfield already quitted being jury members in competitons, but made an exeption especially for this one.

haha so, the contestants have been announced.

Of course the usual ones got accepted, Gulyak, Roberto Plano, Jie Chen etc

Interesting to see Boris Feiner, hes pretty good.

what’s the age limit? some of them are rather old.


found it, 1/1/1974. That’s quite old for competitions. I like the way this is set up though, free choice of rep though I expect most the participants hedge their bets and play a relatively even mixture of periods/composers.


hope this goes really well; i’d like to do the next one

Hm, I don’t know any of the Jury members…but I’m happy to see Mariangela Vacatello in the list of elected contestants.
She’ll also perform in the Van Cliburn that starts next weekend, wohoo =)

I hope she polished up a bit her missing flawlessness.


If anyone wants any bootlegs from any competitor just let me know and ill record it. Otherwise i probably wont bother. … imura.html

this chick plays gud…i wud apreciate sum bootleg, i giff u her number in exchange pozz 8)


No livestream for this competition? damn :frowning:

Half of the competitors have now played. My current favourites:

Best ones:
Mariangela Vacatello (Who played on a different level really). She is brilliant!
Yaron Kohlberg - A bit harsh but interesting to listen to.

Also good:
Roberto Plano - Crazy but good. Excellent Schubert sonata
Evelina Puzaite - Very good Schumann sonata and great prokofiev
Maria Masycheva - Technically insane, played rach etudes amazingly.

Pozzibly also will pass to next round:
Piotr Machik
Ilya Yakushev
Rikke Sandberg

The rest who played but didnt impress:
Dimitris Kostopoulos
Julie Coucheron (the two norwegians haha)
Nikolay Saratovsky
Jun Ishimura

man bootleg please :stuck_out_tongue:

im sure Masycheva rocks… and the same goes to Vacatello

Roberto Plano? fuck… he just got kicked out from Geza Anda this week in Zürich, this man is making some serious tour…

In case da Ishimura passes, also you could bootleg :wink:

hey nicco…have you listened to it live?

Are there any recordings? I’d love to have any…especially from Vacatello!

Im listening live yeah, on my way to the 2nd round now, with Mariangela playing the liszt sonata and scarbo.

Ill do some bootlegs today of the interesting people, 6 people playing.

But wow, there were some serious surprises from the jury after the 1st round. Ill fill you in when i get back, gotta run 8)

Hehe, I totally envy you!

If you happen to meet Mariangela you could do me a favor and greet her from me…just say “greetings from w3sp aka ‘ghost’” :dong:

OK so after a great 2nd round the results are in.

The 3 finalists are:

Mariangela Vacatello - earned it
Mayumi Sakamoto - the biggest surprise, played a decent rach op.16 but nothing really special
Serhiy Salov - played in the 2nd round a great chopin 2nd sonata and his amazing transcription of Stravinskys Rite of Spring, wich stunned everyone.

The final concertos will be Beethoven 3 and 4 and Grieg.

My favourite Yaron Kohlberg didnt make it sadly. I did record his 2nd round wich was the Janacek sonata (wich he played absolutely brilliantly) and Schumann carnaval wich also was awesome. Ill UL it cause i think it was worth hearing.

thx mofo, keep us updated 8)

Looking forward to your uploadings…record some Vacatello too if you can!