First recs of works

Though this might be an interesting topic - broadening da recent Prok topic, what are the earliest recs of da standard rep?

I know Da Bowen - Brotha 4
Obviously Schnabel first complete Brotha zon set but the first recorded zon?
Fisher complete WTC but da first WTC?


I suppose you mean acoustic recs?
I may be wrong, but isn’t this the first rec. of a Bach WTC P & F?

Pugno and Grunfeld did some Chopin pieces in 1903
Eibenschutz some Brahms in 1903
Hofmann Erlking 1903
First Beethoven probably Mark Hambourg (1915?)

Well I guess Brahms would be the first Brahms…But something listenable. Eibenschutz was one of Clara’s pupils, no?

Was the first Beethoven that late?

Was Rach the first recordings of his cuncerti?

I believe Horowitz was the first Rach 3. I can’t think of an early recording than his one with Coates. Backhaus had the first complete chopets (my favourite version), but others had probably recorded individual etudes before that.

Tru. Ho 1930 rach 3.
First recs of da otha concs wuz by Rach himzelf.
Rach 1 1939, Rach 2 1924, Rach 4 1941

First pimpzon wuz Cortot 1929

First pimpet TE set wuz by Ziff in 1957!

Zart Cuncertos? Aside from da Reinecke

Was da Prick da first Prick 3?
Richter or Gilels Prick 6-8 zons?

Backhaus also did the first concerto rec - bits and pieces from the Grieg in 1907, I think.

Otherwise, mannnn :rectum: There are as many first recs as there are works, essentially. The Block cylinders will have a bunch of them. I remember Kempff did the first LvB-1. Beethoven’s sonatas weren’t played that much in the beginning of the century, they started becoming fashionable again in the mid 20s or so.

Clearly. Was thinking mainly standard rep, but also if there were some curiosities like how close a recording came to a premiere. Or if some bog standard rep now came late to being recorded.

I wonder how they split the PimpZon? 78’s back then I think?

Oh yes, 78s up to around 1950. I’m not sure how that was done either.

I wonder when the first Alkan rec came? There was a catalogue published in the early decades of the century which heroically meant to list all classical recordings made. They gave up some time in the 50s, but I remember Alkan still wasn’t a known letter combo in the final version of it.

Lewenthal pozz? He seems to be the first name pianist connected to da kan. Unless there was a random before him.

Yes, I see that little Toccatina was done already in 1955. That could very well be it.

I believe Petri’s Symphony for Solo Piano was 1952. Granted, that’s not an official recording by any stretch.

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That was a random pre-unleash prax run!