First sdc rec: Robert le Diable + Isolde's Liebestod

Tru. First rec I’ve been brave enough to post here. unlurks

Btw what’s Earl Wild’s sdc name?
First piece is my own composition (as opposed to the Liszt one) and it’s really a bit of a homage to him.:slight_smile:

Second one is Liszt’s Liebestod transcription.

Hope you enjoy them.

hahahah rezpecc thiz robbah tha diablo :pimp:

u haff tha zpirit of a tru SDC legend! :pimp: :stop:

ahahah tha WILDMAN i think iz tha earl nick but not 100% zho :lib:

Ty… I wanted to write a paraphrase where there’s no holding back! Wild’s rec of da pimp’s robert is for me one of the great transcription recs. I’ve used the themes in the Liszt one but my Bb theme’s from elsewhere - Henselt used it in his piano/orch variations, Pixis (the hunchback!) and Thalberg use it in their paraphases (da ponti rec is cut tho).

respec and welcome aboard mofo :pimp:

the liebestod, very nice ,( and we need a fucking WAgner emoticon )

Cheers… the Liebestod is my favourite piece of muzic.

How did u record thiz?? The quality is great, and yes Liebestod is incredible, and so is Liszt’s treatment of it.

I had two close mics (Rode NT5 pair), a Rode NT4 stereo mic a bit further back and a pair of U87s well back from the piano for the room sound. Also I had a really nice Steinway D to record on. I couldn’t tell you to what relative level they ended up being mixed, I left that to the engineer. tbh I think the close mics may have been too close! The sl*w, quieter pieces caused some trouble with pedal noises in particular. It was a two day recording session; I did a total of 9 pieces and there was about 7-8 hours of playing used for the edits. I played each piece straight through once, then played through each one section by section repeating anything I didn’t like. Hard work. Harder work for the guy who did my editing :smiling_imp: though I did sit in on the process.

haha pretty cool 8)