Floating hand - Rhythmic Pressure for Bach Experiment

Was thinking on road… rather then set the weight of the arm on keyboard, experimented using floating hand and finger snaps and only transferring weight for rhythmic accent or to set the start of a figuration. Made Bach’s knotty fast stuff feel waaay easier.

Will finish FF work in a few months. I’m only home a couple days a month lately. :sob:




Now this was very true.

I’ve barely touched the piano in recent weeks - you think you’ll find time for this during the holidays but stuff are happening almost every day, and when they don’t I have lots to take care of at home. But I toyed a little with Bach earlier this month as well, this gave motivation.


Golandsky would have a heart attack! But I think this is closer to the real approach used by pre-romantic musicians so it makes sense that it feels better. You just need to be careful to avoid antagonist muscle contractions, which might be more of a problem on heavy keyboards.