Florida concert

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Wasn’t on ho’s piano, but Bolet, Orgy, and da Bear had molested it…Good Karma. 8)


ahhaha- I love da scrib. actually mah favourite russian composer togetah with prokofiev.

-da Meph

“Sunday’s recital would have benefited by some more dynamic contrast, and something even more basic — breathing room for each piece. Attwood seemed to be trying to get through his afternoon quickly, and didn’t allow much time between the individual pieces for the music to have had its say.”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA da WOOD succumbz befo da temptation of da :stop:


da WOOD doez da :doc: proud, randomly id lyk to hear da BORT ballade, tiz ma fav bort solo piece n da coombz rec iz slightly flaccid.

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a good performer?

‘Fingers, brains, heart, imagination, and poetic fury.’

hahahahahahaha , REZPEC

‘I’m also a deep admirer of supreme pyro-technicians (although certainly these pianists had much more to offer than just fast fingers)’

HAHAHAHAHAHHA, da :stop: cumz out, only to be supprezzed by da :lib:

sheeyat. Scriabin 5 and 10 in one recital!

But amid its slippery harmonies and motivic fragments, Scriabin is subjecting the six-note theme that opens the sonata to a thorough exploration.

ahhhh da slippery harmonies. how did you pull them off?

good thing you didnt “slip up”!

aha… i find myself hilarious. :dong: