fo da french speakahz: diz zidane interview

hahahhaah diz fockah:

“im not here to excuze mahbadzelf’s actionz, diz fockah inzulted me, zo i retaliated”

hahahah wat a mofo

da reportah: if u cud go back, wud u change what u did?
da zizu: hahah, da GOD decided diz waz meant to be diz way tru
da reportah: ic

da Italian mofo said he didnt insult zidane’s mom. he even said zidane will be always his hero.

one of them is lying.

diz shud be clear now

zidane could talk whatever shit he wanted too. both of them iz lying to a degree.

what did zidane zay dat waz a lie? da only thing he zaid (n he repeatz million timez in diz interview) waz dat he waz gravely insulted, an insult related to hiz family, n he retaliated

you never know if zidane added any additional sheeyat in his interview. everyone wants to defense themselves.

does it matter what materazzi said? Zidane is the biggest hardass alive. major respec.

hahah wtf, he didn tho, i zpeak hiz language