For da Brew - Poulenc Imp

Let’s hope that he can continue his Paris adventure, if only for the wonderful bootlegs. :wink:


I’ve never heard this piece before, but I like it!

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Me neither until a Japanese pupil brought it to the lesson some weeks ago! It’s charming. Should explore the whole set of Improvisations.

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this in a film, but couldn’t tell you which one :roll_eyes: Thanks for playing and sharing it.

edit: yeah this was definitely in a film

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Fuuuck ok I think I’ve got it. It was used in a 2017 coming-of-age love / homoerotic film that got a lot of attention and awards. I didn’t think it was so special as a film but I think it had the Poulenc.

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Ok, didn’t know that. I can imagine that it could be used for a film like that. :wink:

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I like the painting! Who did that?

If you’re not familiar with Poulenc’s piano music I strongly advise looking in to Rogé’s Decca volumes incidentally. The first one in particular has lots of great music on it.

Ah, Korovin - in the description. :+1:

Obligatory reminder that for da Froggy music, da FEV is a very fine interpreter. Close friend of Poulenc and premiered the two piano concerto with him. Dedicatee of the fifth (I think) improvisation among other works.

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This guy is amazing, astounding. I recognize the name very well, but I think I’ve only seen three or four of his paintings before.

Actually, for Poulenc’s piano music I prefer Gabriel Tacchino who seriously studied the music with the composer himself.
I was pleased to discover that (without knowing it) my interp. of the Imp. was quite similar to his in terms of tempo. Many performances of it are far too slow.