for TM

I mentioned dis in da cg tm trolls 88street thread…

Muzt be a very old rec wiv all dat zurface noize :smiley:

Yes yes yes!!!

Link it on there!!!

It’s obviously one of my repertoire pieces though… that’s how your joke got spotted :frowning:

no issues, nobody from my subscribers actually knows so it is all good!


I’m totally cool with you putting this on your mystery pianizt channel btw haha.

Otherwise I might have to use my 88street alt (which is actually an ex-gf’s account) :smiley: I act “properly” on 88street and am not about to tell them it’s a recently-discovered Hans von Bulow cylinder or some equally farfetched cover story, unless it’s april 1st at the time :wink:

it is mainly to troll those kind of people like Mr Evanz who say things like (exact quote) They (young pianist of today) are all irrelevant finger movers.

Well fuck him, what can he play - the kazoo? No? Ok then, his musicological punkass self can suck my goddamn dick and issue that video on the arbiter label streaming porn debut.

Yeah, there certainly are some dogmatic know-it-all asshole critics around.

like, seriously.

those people DESERVE to be trolled like dat

dere was one random ass gloryhole vid I accidentally watches (I swear) where there was a (bearded) dude sucking off unsuspecting straight guys who were thrusting deir dicks in da gloryhole.

this is kind of like that only with historical piano recs 8)

hahaha interesting analogy. I hope one of the “unsuspecting straight guys” was actually a tranny :smiley:

I suspect it was actually a lesbian with a strapon, tru 8)

:laughing: :orgy: :stop:

Google tells me Wagner born 22nd May, so that will be a good day to publish this “vintage” rec :slight_smile:

hahahaha publish it straight to YouTube bro

Lola style

“Lola style”

Wagner met da Lola…

Another Lola, tru, but she was a ho and da pimp was banging her at da time. Rezpek da pimp!

I’ll leave the pc to render a vid whilst I try to think of a plausible fake pianist :smiley:

I can’t imagine who this might be! Has good octaves in the coda! :open_mouth: :smiley: