Friedman question

Being obssesed with Ignaz Friedman these days and knowing that you are better experts in his legacy I want to ask you if these recordings that were published by Naxos is all what is left?

More or less… there are three or four further test pressings, along with a brief interview.

Yes - arbiter published a Campanella test pressing from 1924 without the abridged ending and a 1933 test pressings of the Chopin Polobause op 53 (which exists in a far better transfer in Marston’s collection - he plans to release a good sounding version).

Sakuraphon has uncovered a test pressing of the Chopin 69/1 waltz which may be the exact same performance published on Naxos - but in far superior sound, or it could be a different test pressings of another performance.

No radio broadcasts of him playing the piano have survived.
Pretty much everything has been issued.

We all desperately hope for an off-radio concert somewhere, but nothing has has been found.
Marston is of the opinion that it is pretty much hopeless tru

I see. Thanks for the info, guys.


Da Friedman recorded legacy is as frustrating as looking at pics of you ex and hoping you can teleport back in time to her dorm room bed 8)

4 test pressings?

I assume 2 of those have been already published on Arbiter. In the usual crap sound. 8)

if only some radio stuff would surface.
I’d gladly unhear Godowsky’s output to get some substantial new Friedman :tm: