fuck, da FA defends his "opinion" on 88strt

why the fuck do i ever go to this site?

pianostreet.com/smf/index.ph … 869.0.html

tru, just don’t go back. It really is stupid people acting smart as da bren said (although he wuz talking about PW). I haven’t even looked at the site since like march. Got sick of the morons, and pianistimo

hahaha rezpc fauzt…n tru :rectum: :rectum: :rectum: :rectum: :rectum:

therz a handful of wikid membahz (mozt of them iz lyk 40+) but fo tha mozt part i think 88ztreet givez beginninahz/ 88 lovahz/ ztudentz/ tha general population etc. a terribl imprezzion of m*zic, and alzo lyf. tiz juz one dumbarze aftah anotha quotin zheeyatz hiz/her teacha haz told them n tryin to pazz it off az their own profound dizcoveriez n abzolut truthz about how zheeyat zhud be. zo many zad cazez of wankfacez who dun know tha firzt thing about whut it iz to live in tha moment or enjoy tha company of freindz n family. ONe particulah zheeyat that makez me LOL iz thiz one topic where pimp2 wuz goin on a rant about how in hiz free tym he “wanderz around art galleriez by himzelf or hangz out in cafez” i wuz juz lyk fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk thiz iznt yo memoirz n if it wuz no one wud giff a fuck. take yo black turtleneck off put yo cigarello out n go fuck urzelf. 8)

not zho whut i juz wrote :gav:

learn from them.


Dude, just never go back.

I made a clean break from PW about 3 years ago after some guy said that it was impossible to be certain that Liszt was a better pianist than Lang Lang.

That was it for me.


penizimo randomly gave me a bad imprezzion of americans :blush:

hahah diz mofo seem lyk he belief hiz own BS much lyk da bernhard. and tru sum randomly wikid membahz: da rob 47, marik, arensky, ada, quasimodo. Tru all randomly :ho: mofoz. 8)

clazzic rob 8)

hahhahha tha ROB 88ztrt cry fo help :doc:

n alzo din’t tha penizmo join SDC way back in da 80’z o zumthin? :lib:

haha I remember a random Rob topic “you guyz love JC too much” 8)

link, brew? i muzt read whaever fury follow tiz topic :rudy:

randomly can’t, tiz against mah religion to visit dat site. maybe sum otha mofo can provide. :ziff:

i vil find it

tha MT poztd in that topic 8)

haha da ROB topic

pianostreet.com/smf/index.ph … 358.0.html

hahaha i wundah wut would have ensued had he named da thread lyk comme did a couple weeks ago in da random sheeyat sec: “CHRISTIANITY IS BZ AND JEZUZ IS A CUNT” :comme: :comme:

ahahahaha dat makes da all time classics imo

Shit man, why did I even read that topic, I want those 3 minutes of my life back. Pianoforums are among some of saddest places on earth. The ignorance there is just sooo undescribable, holy shit dude, just get yourself banned from there already 8)

fo zum reazon i read that entire shitfezt… :wood:

Koji was reallly the only one who had anythong coherent to say :rock:


AHAHAHA N WTF i dun even remembah diz but

da TICKLAH apparently unleazhd a zubztantial argument on da page 2

tru tiz recummended readin

in fact i wud give it

4 ticklahz out of 5 fo bein

a hole ly zadizt fyin anally tickle exercize 8)

n randomly da zepp eyez wuz moiztend by diz 8)

hahaha man that topic :gav:
t’appearz tha origianl 47 (or one of tha original accntz) really tried to be polite n kind to moz people back then 8) it harzhly givez a weak apperance :chop: