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True, there’s that Petri rec of the symphony - but beyond that I’ve never heard Alkan played as well as it deserves to be played.

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Comme le Vent is definitely a bit of a joke. Nobody denies it (except Mr. Turnbull, perhaps).

But Alkan truly is an underappreciated composer.

Le Festin D’Aesope alone cements Alkan as one of the top piano composers of the 19th century.

well, with da right pianist, alkan’s 88 works might sound better than what we initially thought.

we are left w/ so few options to choose from.

I guess I just hear Alkan along the same lines as Godowsky, as overblown continuations of Liszt: some good ideas but in the end most of it seems like a shitload of notes and no m*sic whatsoever. Well, if you like it that’s cool, I’m not interested in arguing. But to me his notes don’t serve music, it’s all wankery.

Although I’ll admit I’ve avoided his stuff after hearing a few pieces that left me with an extremely bad taste in my mouth.

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alkan was quite a different composer than liszt. maybe technically, he has some similarities, but in style, he is closer to mendelssohn.

do you know the symphonie?

do you know the cello sonata?

these words, especially the cello sonata (of which i’ve never heard a recording doing it justice) are totally original.

i’m not trying to argue against your opinion, but just to say that you might not write him off your list unless you’ve really heard his greatest works. comme le vent is not representative of his finest qualitites.

jredmond’s opinion, if u read carefully, is mediocre. he just attacks whatever shit he dislikes and he holds his opinion firmly. his supporting reasons is pretty much all LAME. read his Yundi comment in another thread and you will see how purely sheeyat opinion sounds like.

man, u have to put things into perspectives. a comment like that will just bring urself to a new low.

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I though Comme Le Vente was an officially commisioned SDC piece?

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i fail to see you supporting your opinions via superior means. oh well, i don’t want to get into a flame war, i’ll just stay out of topics to do with alkan and anything “i don’t like”, i guess.

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apparently, he just fucked himself up.

come now, everyone thinks things they don’t like are “shit” to an extent. :astonished:

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and if u don’t like alkan, play through some of his shit, his harmonic progressions are original and damn nice at times. pianistically it’s really clever writing too. people need to learn to hear past the virtuosity, it was probably not even so hard for him anyway :kan:. of course some shit is just totally dry, but i learned to apprecciate his music by (trying) to play through some of his pieces.