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maybe you’ve all seen this, i haven’t until now

gibbons is a fucking legend:




hahahahha tru da GIBBONATAUR had hiz way wiz moi :comme:

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simpsonz did it

I’ve been saying it for years now…

Hamelin Alkan x 100 = Gibbons’ Alkan

There’s just no comparison, for me.

I can remember u saying dat :doc: 's recs of several :kan: pieces have been better than gibbons. It is just very recently dat u haff been critisising Hamelin for everything he does. Prolly because he said that :rectum: wuz a bit sheeyat. I do of course dissagree with him on that.

Are you serious? I’ve been trumpeting Gibbons Alkan since I joined this forum, and I’ve never been much of a Hamelin fan. You must have me confused with someone else. I used to consider Gibbons and Hamelin about equal, and if you look at only their recordings, I’d say I still do. But after hearing some of the recent Live Gibbons stuff and then seeing how much less impressive Hamelin is in concert than on disc, well I’m a bit more fond of Gibbons at the moment.

My comments on Hamelin are not to be taken literally. I say that shit mostly to piss off all the Hamelin freaks.

Also, I never heard anything about Hamelin talking about Richter… so much for your tidy explanation of my dislike of Hamelin’s playing.

He said that he thought very highly of Nelson Freire and thought Richter was overrated exept for some of his earlier recording.

i agree. he’s got the grit that i miss in hamelin’s playing.

the allegro barbaro is great, that video of the end of the concerto is almost ogdon level…i am definitely going to listen to more of this pianist now.

Well I respect his Freire opinion, and I forgive his opinion of Richter - which is an opinion held by many. There are so many weak late Richter recordings out there, and most of the great Richter recordings from the 50s-80s are out of print and hard to find - or were never even released in the first place. So if one is turned off by the recordings they are able to easily find, why would they put in the effort to get the out of print stuff?

I’ve done my best to change the perception of Richter on this forum, but unfortunately there’s not much I can do beyond that.

at least, you know what I think about :rectum:

definitely nothing overrated.


u make moi wizh da fuckin orgy 10/4 wuz a tru sheeyat 8)

this piece iz juzt a joke though, don’t like it, ezp compared with the rest of op 39. Hamelin’s best Alkan for me is the 30 ans quasi faust movt from les quatre ages. I think this is him at his most musical. There is also the Concerto vid for sheer pyrotechnics :doc:

man, I hate to say it since there are so many alkan lovers here apparently. His music is shit!

However, it is comprised 110% of fury!

agree except on da fury part

True. For me, Alkan doesn’t have nearly the kind of impact that Chopin, Schumann and Liszt have. I find that 90% of the Alkan I’ve heard is pretty forgettable. I do love the symphony, the Grande Sonate and parts of the Concerto though.

True. For me, Alkan doesn’t have nearly the kind of impact that Chopin, Schumann and Liszt have. I find that 90% of the Alkan I’ve heard is pretty forgettable. I do love parts of the symphony, the Grande Sonate and the Concerto op39. Also, there are a couple of Preludes that I think are quite special.

alkan is certainly much more emotionally reserved than his contemporaries. the le festin d’aesop is certainly a special work in its genre, among the best of the romantic era. his nocturne, op. 57 no. 2 is incredible. the sonata and the symphonie, as well as the cello sonata, are masterpieces. many of the miniatures are very special.

i think to say it’s shit you should try getting to know it more because there is some outstanding music there, on par with chopin, schumann and liszt.

just imagine, though, how we might view certain pieces had we never heard our favorite pianists play them. alkan suffers from this. much as i love a few recordings of his works, he has never been recorded by somebody on the horowitz/rachmaninoff/richter/etc. level. i think that would really change things.