FUCK YOU ADMINS (cept jeff)

which of you ghey-ass fuckas has been fuckin with mah avatar/password?

:comme: or oh wait. haha mart doesnt even have a pic.

:comme: or (insert pic of da ugly mug of da kmart)

I underztand den da hot CAZTA chick may hurt ur gheynezz
but I thought da ARNIE wud be a gud alternativ, a mofo pic, but I thought u wud accept it cuz u probably want to hit him anyway

that barely made sense, but if you’re trying to insult me, you’re really bad at it hun.

haha wtf
I changed ur pic wiz a hot chick
fo CG
n den wiz da Arnie

no inzult
juzt gensui


and i dont find arnold very hot.

change it with David Jalbert

da mart haz a point