FUCKKK da VOL intahview!!!



tru i iz ztill readin but daim, da hilite rite now

da VOL dizz da ZIFF:
“da ziff bee iz juz pizz, any random ztudent cud play it.”

wizout realizin da tru fact dat:
any random ztudent today cud n do play hiz TURKsheeyat faztah den hiz own azz 8)



expoze ur azz to hiz latest pimp cd. he improved da :stop:.


haha instead of da bottle of wine da vol pozz drink da whole cask :whale:

I have no doublt dat playingda 88 is EAZY for da vol.

-da Meph

Which is precisely why I’ve never really responded emotionally to his playing, other than admiration.


I was actually thinking about this some days ago. When Volodos plays a transcription he is always in technical command of it, it sounds very natural, and his sound is extremely good, and it all sounds good. But he never goes :ho: or :ziff: crazy and plays in a really devil - may - fuckin - care style, so it never becomes as interesting as :ho: or :ziff: . Still I like him alot, and thinks he is one of the best living pianists. Strangely I didn’t like him at all before.

i also like da vol very much. he has singing tone and spontaneous approach.

haha that’s my upload on tiscali webspace. I’ll upload the short review of his new cd from the same issue if u want…

I think Volodos is pretty mediocre. His CDs are ok, but the live stuff I’ve heard - especially Schubert - really isn’t all that great.

I’m with Koji on this one.

he goez pretty nutz in hiz wop polka tranz :rock:


Certainly much more than that. Wich pianists of his generation are on his level?

I don’t want to put words in the mouth of koji, but I doubt he would have considered Volodos mediocre when is sais that he has admiration for him.

hahaha he iz a gensui zafe penizt

a bit lyk da zhrimp pozz

i wud prefah mo abandon, but diz vil cummah zumtym o pozz not

ahahahahah thiz clazzic G upload


For those who are Volodos fans, I heard an advance copy of his new Liszt cd (due out probably sometime next month). He does some extensive textual emending in the Vallee D’obermann, and espeicially the 13th HR–very impressive pianism.


Interesting - Wuld love to hear him improvise.

i think da vol pimp cd was out like 2 months already.

It’s slated for April 17th release.


Is there supposed to be a Voldos Liszt Sonata video out there?

apparently, da US iz slow.

i think tiz happens to many cds. da shrimp latest chop pimp pc cd iz a recent example. i had it since last Nov 06 but in da US, it came out in Feb 07.

That’s Turkish pr0n :ho: