FUCKKKKKK THA DONGAH ROCKZON 2! pozz attemptz to ovatake tha WEIZZMEIZZTAH! :dong:


hahahaha daim thiz VINTAGE DONGAH INTERP!! :dong: :dong: :dong: :dong: :dong: :whale:

abzolut genzui FURY lizten to tha WHOLE zheeyat truzt me take tha tym out of yo day to reminizc on how tha DONGA uzd to play; i feel lyk he changd hiz ztyl ovah tym n dun play thiz way ne mo :lib:

hahaha mannnn tha WEIZZ ztill a mo furiouz rec becuz he doeznt zlow down at all but ztill mannnnnn thiz dongah perf! :ho: :whale:

hahahah if u dun haff tha tym or want to liztn at leazt zkip to 4’04 n tha furiouz build up :whale: :whale:


Haha tru now it seems like he is tryin to listen to his criticz and rein in da spaztech…when really he should juz go FULL GAV. :gav: :whale:



I can juz pikcha da audience back den cin da :dong: in cuntcert fo da firzt tym n thinkin:

Who da FUCK iz diz mofo n y iznt he world famouz already? :sunglasses:


He played that Rach sonata on his debut album for Telarc. If you want, i can try to find it and upload.


hahaha no thankz but much rezpec fo tha offah krezo :dong:

hahahahahaha WTF dis beginnin! Pozz tryin to confuze da fuck outta da still clappin audience.

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haha this perf. HIs fury is writing checks his fingers can’t cash.


Tru Noam Chomzky haz written much about diz perzpective

Da left wing n right wing zheeyat all irrelevant to da topiq at hand and only zervez to divide uz

When u c da Trump n da Putin u notice a zheeyat in common but itz hard to explain exactly wut da relevancy iz to da topiq at hand

Randomly, I would want to hear da pre-clown DONGAH

Think that album has some tidy scrib etudes or at least some of them. Still tonally skeletal and retarded sounding but better than recent stuff.

i c