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i hate the way his hands just vibrate on the keys. :stop: :stop: :stop: :whale:


He provides the evidence that it takes more than a good pianist to play Bach. What a dishonor to a great composer. Were Glenn Gould here, he would have chopped this pianist into pieces.

ROFL :g:

Katsaris is a douche

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The wide array of idiotic comments concerning this magnificent arrangement and performance is pretty mind-boggling.
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What I find pretty mind-boggling is that there even are professional classical musicians who think that this is a “magnificent arrangement and performance”…bad taste is spreading rapidly…
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case in point

haha da wood proteztth

hahaha n u iz a cunt

not da kind i wud fuck wizout alkohol :ho:

haha fuck I juz realised 188 comments! on a piano vid featuring an ugly old man (az opposed to a hot japanese chick). rezpec da cuntraversy

DAMN this is what da Kat be performing in Singapore this June 29th!

BOOTLEG! hahahaha

imo both performance and transcription are appalling.

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i prefer da legendery “dude why kant u keep da camera still?” :whale:

hahahahahahahaahahaha da awesome sdc logo 8)

not the best transcription tru

Yeah, I have to disagree with Koji here. For me, this is a disappointing arrangement and a very obnoxious performance.

Respect the Katsaris technique though.

i lyk it