Fur Elise

Whaz da fastest eva recording of dis proven SD classic?

its an SD classic?

Most definitely. Any respec-able 5 year old would know dis. 8)

im not respec-able yet i guess
im not even in da sdc
wtf am i doin here
i shuld be auditionin and shits
respec 8)

dats rite.

i dont know da fastest rec, but i cud play it faster den da average rec wit ma cock alone 8)

haha when da Beet wrote dis he was like
“man !!!.. I can’t believe I must write some sheeyat like dis just to get dose fuckin chicks in da bed!!”

hahahahaha, but da brooding section is fuckin wikid, sounds like he is doin da final lethargic thrusts b4 da climax 8)

This piece actually sounds wikid when played in tritones. :stuck_out_tongue: And at crazy speed of course.

hahahaha, dat wud demand a wikid tech, fo sho 8)