Furtwangler - Beethoven Symphon 9 -1954

The last - and greatest, IMO - Beethoven 9th that Furtwangler conducted. There are issues with the sound and the orchestra, but damn if this isn’t some of the finest playing you’ll ever hear.

lesdjinns.net/elite/Furtwangler - Beethoven 9th(1954).rar

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Truly majestic reading. Ah, that fine Philharmonia orchestra.
I find the sound absolutely stunning.
What’s the issue about the sound, Chris?

i shall post da furtwangler edition issued by melodiya label in 16 cd set. it has some of the finest brotha sym evah.

Tru, I never got that set, because I have most of the stuff on other discs. But there are definitely a few things in there that would be new to me.