FYI - Gosteleradiofond have started to post their videos

At long last the famous Russian video channel is posting its archive to YT. As a result they’ve blocked some of my uploads (of their videos), but who cares? They’re already sharing some good stuff. They’ve for example uploaded (below) Pletnev’s Beethoven recital (Waldstein, op. 10/1, op. 14/2). Probably one day in the future they’ll upload the videos of his op. 110 and his Prokofiev PC 1 (I only have fragments of these)

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There are quite a few Pletnev videos here uploaded just the last few days actually. Some Richter/Gilels too, but predictably no Ash/Gav/Ber. Thanks for the heads up!

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Might just be busy, have a lot on their plate.

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Btw. Do you think that Pletnev’s complete video of Liszt Spanish Fantasy could show up?

Why not?

I’m hopeful to see everything they’ve ever broadcast. They are uploading some really random material along with the classical.

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!!! Two great pianists, but just one of them playing…

From 33:40 and 34:57 Mini- and Mega FAKERUDY disaster. Da TM can do bettah. :wink:
What was Vlasenko trying to prove here? Quantity > Quality? IMO play just one fucking Concerto, but play it really well…