Gekic Liszt Sonata LEGENDARY

Hamelin should take lessons from this guy.

Its been a while since he’s gotten something out that lives up to his T Etudes and rossini transcriptions CDs which are also ledendary.

Has trouble staying on the horse here and there but it adds to a Horowitzian tension…


Wow, terrible rythm. Looses a lot of tension and energy with those excessive rubatos.

Guess its an original performance but didnt care much for it. Shame coz i really like his other Liszt interps.

Listen again with the score… it makes more sense. He’s not really lang langing like you’d think. He’s just not omitting the numerous expression and tempo marks as is often the case.

ahahah if u haff to follow da zcore to appreciate da m*zicality of a perf, den tiz already a FAIL

da ZCORE iz only uzeful fo technikal-analyziz, aka

detectin cheatahz in benchmarked sdc zongz 8)

dude…ive been playing the piece for 3 years, dont really need the score.

I’m on the lookout for a recording by Jiri Hlinka, wich is supposed to be the ultimate rendition of the sonata, but its god damn hard to find. Does anybody here have it? I think its possibly only released on LP but ive heard exeptional good things about it. Just listen to his Prokofiev excerpts:

Recently had a masterclass with him and it kicked azz. He was a finalist in tchaicomp when sokolov won. truly mad skillz.

ahahah da only 2 rezpecable pimpzon perfz

da MOTEL martcap
da ZEUZ 23min clazzic


He was Andsnes’ teacher right? I’d be interested in hearing more of his playing.

Yeah, but he plays nothing like Andsnes. Im trying to get a hold of his recordings, he released those prokofiev sonatas, a tchaikovsky album with the seasons, one album with haydn sonatas and one with janacek and satie. And of course the one with the liszt, wich seems to be nowhere on the internet.

Have you tried e-mailing him?

Yep, and he sent me a recording for free, and its absolutely brilliant. I’ll upload it here shortly.

HAHAHA MAN diz enlightened ZEPP!!

in short… diz interpretation is juz CRAP,