Genzui :ho: impro cummah!

From da upcoming 1965 recs set.


That’s pretty fantastic. They’ve even managed to make the CBS rec sound good.

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Too closely recorded for me

Honestly, I’ve always preferred the 30’s Horowifz and also his more mellow 1980’s recs.

The 1940’s stuff and on sounds like he is trying to outHo da Ho stereotype

What kind of penizt wud he be if he stayef in Russia?

I’d prefer a release of the 1940’s stuff over the 60’s recitals which have a limited rep.

AHAHAHAH both iz wikid

da 2nd zheeyat even haff zum zmooth chill jazz unleazh :sunglasses:

much bettah den

da mini-RECTUM cumpoz :sunglasses:

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Da :ho: peak tech pozz da 1941 Rach 3

Best overall playing pozz up to da 1936 retirement.
Den again, I listen from a 21st century perspective pozz

Yes it’s definitely too close, but it sounds both full and dynamic nonetheless which I don’t remember from the CBS recs I have.

1960s VH all the way here. Less driven, less exciting, less mofo - more refined, more mature, more complex, more interesting, more better. :+1:


Oh well, I’ll go enjoy da 30’s HMV recs :sunglasses:

HAHAHA why da fuck wuz I expectin a ZIFF LEVEL BBC warmup unleazh :sunglasses:


Hahah dere are tons of 40’s zheeyats in Chicago where dere must be sum genzui lyk dat


da HOG cummah :sunglasses:


HAHAH da HOG zmooth n natural ztylee a bit wikid but tiz da type ov playin dat dun intrude on mofoz zippin dier wine n chattin

Whereaz da ZIFF improz make u wundah how da fuck anyone heard eachotha chat in da barz he played at :sunglasses:

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HAHAHA FUCK I zpoke too zoon, rezpecable final unleazh n zumuwt inzane tech fo old mofo! dat zmoooth final zcale

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ahahahaha truuu juz

y da fuck wud da zepp link diz vid if twuz all pure moizt :sunglasses:


alzo i wud zay diz cumpare quite favorably to da OLD ZIFF min waltz impro :sunglasses:

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What I really like about them is that it’s not just freewheeling note spinning. You can follow a trail of musical thought, with decisions made continuously to prevent the mundane, and yet he responds naturally and spontaneously to what arises from it. He’s just noodling of course, but it’s nonetheless actual music making on the fly from da HO.

It’s when you hear this you wish you had a time machine to go back and hear da JSB, da LvB, da F Chop n da PIMP. :neutral_face: I think what made them so special is that they shared this same quality, only that they were much more adept at it and had a more clearly worked out musical world of their own.

This sort of thing is probably alien to most pianists today. Prodigious techniques and mechanisms that can play almost any score flawlessly, but at a price of stunted creative freedom.

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ahahahaha i get da diztinct imprezzion da XMOFO lizten to hiz fav legendz da zame way

a parent look at hiz kid’z crayon maztahpiecez

REZPEC :sunglasses:


Ho top level technique after some moist noodling - spends day relaxing with foosi while everybody else breaking out 6 hours of Jonas exercises respek his ass


'This video is only available to Music Premium members." :rage:

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