Geoffrey Tozer

Such a fabulous pianist, died much too young. He recorded a lot on the Chandos label. Here’s a remarkable recital (unfortunately the recorded sound is quite bad):

He lived for many years in my hometown but I never saw him perform unfortunately.
His playing was extremely uneven late in his life due to alcoholism, I remember hearing him on the radio one time and it was awful.

Yes, he had a pretty sad life story and was neglected in Australia…
But just listen to this recital, he rips through all those difficult pieces as if it’s childs play - and not only that, there’s also a strong musicality and intellect.

Agree with you pianoopera. In his prime this man was ridiculously good.
Apart from the official recs I haven’t heard much.
Anyone got any bootlegs of him?

I’ve got a radio broadcast somewhere I think but it’s only got a couple of pieces. I’ll have a look for it.

Never heard his recordings. Do you have something to share here?

I only have a couple of things, his complete Medtner piano works (mp3 only) and a recital he played at my music school in 1987 (ape).
I have his Medtner concerti on CD but it doesn’t look like I ever ripped it.
I’m sure Chris has the Medtner in lossless and other people might have more.

This is from the recital I’m talking about.
I’d be interested in hearing other live performances from the 80s and 90s if anyone has any.

In fact they have uploaded the whole LP, which saves me the trouble:!AMAVxBAS!_RPXPwEpt7_E … gdocEW8XrY

I have his complete Medtners and the Rawsthorne concertos, but all on CD.

lol this HR2 cadenza; I forgot about it.
He quotes from a number of Australian songs; Click go the Shears (actually an American tune) and Waltzing Matilda and sounds like Figaro too.

I’ll post his complete medtner tomorrow. His Liszt transcriptions disc is quite good too.

Brewtality and iamcanadian - many thanks! I’ve read about his Medtner recordings that they must be very good, but I’ve never heard any of them so far, except on the included video of the recital. The LP looks very interesting, too.

thanks Chris and brew!