George Antheil (composer of Jazz sonata) co-invented WiFi

Quote from Reddit:

“So it seems that one day in the early 1940s, famous actress Hedy Lamarr and composer George Antheil were, like, at the same Hollywood party or something.
George, in addition to being a well-known composer, also happened to be an expert on female endocrinology. I swear to god I’m not making this up. Hedy approached him and asked his advice about how she might “enhance her upper torso.” Quoth Wikipedia:
He suggested glandular extracts, but their conversation then moved on to torpedoes.
(An understandable turn, what with the war going on and all…)
Lamarr had fled her Austrian munitions-making husband, and coming to the US had become fiercely pro-American. Together they conceived and patented a frequency-hopping torpedo guidance system: Lamarr contributed the knowledge of torpedo control gained from her husband and Antheil a method of controlling the spread spectrum sequences using a player-piano mechanism similar to those used in the “Ballet Méchanique”.
This frequency-hopping technology turned into U.S. Patent 2,292,387, issed on this day in 1942 to Hedy and George. Frequency-hopping went on to become the basis of WiFi.

What a story. Imagine if Kate Winslet and Yanni were at Lady Gaga’s house, discussing his theories on medicine, and the two of them ended up inventing a weapons technology that got picked up by the US Navy, and then, in 2075, became the foundation of worldwide mobile communications.
Edit: Also, she was way hotter than Charles Apgar.” … _a/c0wq63m

also this is how the another co-inventor looks like

Holy sheeeyatt diz means da doc inventd da internet n zlinky too?

Great story!

btw, in Halflife2 the pay homage to her by calling the ‘domesticated’ headcrab Hedy.

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