Getting in touch with my inner dilettante - holiday playing project

What should I learn in the few days off in Nov Dec? Remembering where the keys are here with some moist. I gave up on Beethoven Son stuff - thinking like a 2 min song max but hard enough to use some problem solving.

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Thinking this…

Truuu! Enjoyable as fuck!

Yeah, all the early miniatures, especially Op 8 and Op 11, are gensui.

But Da real gud spicy sheeyat start from Op 59 :sunglasses:

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I think non classical mofos identity with rhythmic shits too in case I need to flex my dilettante mojo

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I finally got sheets today. It’s tongue twister for my non playing cottage cheese brain a bit


What is that?

A sight fuck of motive force op 45

Funky as Sexy Mama but without graphic lyrics.

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Daiiiim I C

Hmm a few shaky bars after a 3 practice sessions. It’s like a tongue twister for my soggy non musician brain but also interesting to figure out. Gonna stick it out but will be slow as fuck


tiz coming along. rezpec da hustle. ma own holiday learning project got derailed so mass rezpec fo keeping it up. :sunglasses: