:ghey poll: Who iz da GREATEZT of theze 3 Ruzzian Cumpozers Prok:Zcrib:Zhosti

In yo opinion, which of these three composed the greatest works (not just 88, but everything)
[Define “Greatness” however you wish, and back it up in da commentz mofos]

  • Prokofiev
  • Shostakovich
  • Scriabin

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I purposefully am not including da more romantics Rach and Tchaik, in case you wondered. And if you say wheres Medtner go fuck yo self…jk jk

Alzo, ztate yo reazonin below :sunglasses: :rectum:

Perzonally, I used to alwayz say dat Prok was my favourite. But as I get older I realize I only really love a some of the sonatas and da concerti, and the majority of his smaller pieces all seem like very unpolished sketches, also have not found anything I love of hiz away from da 88-rep.
Then I discovered, the non-88-solo works of Shosti, and was really amazed. String quartets especially, and da piano quintet I would probably say is my vote for greatezt composition from any of these 3. And his piano solo stuff is deff da most underplayed and under-rated of the 3.
And da Scrib I become focused on most recently. Da mind bending quality of da piano compositions just pushing it to a whole new level, and Im sure I only just started to discover da depth. I think ultimately he may become my vote, but right now, much of hiz work is still too abztract for me.

HONESTLY I cant decide…which is why I made this poll :whale:

Very difficult fo moi. I have a subconscious bias against Shosty, because something about his harmonic language (I can’t explain what) is simply antithetical to me. If we go outwith the 88 I’m inclined to say him, in fact. I enjoy da scrib’z 88 muzic the most but probably bias to his earlier stuff tbh.

For CG value, dis “epic” 88+orch sheeyat:

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Scrib. Most gensui harmonic innovations imho.

Den Prok. Den Shosty.

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Scriabin is the strongest in piano music and weakest in everything else.

Shostakovich has the strongest symphonic and chamber music but weakest in the solo category.

Prokofiev is solid in every category, whether it be solo, orchestral, or chamber. His concerti (88, cello, violin) are by far the strongest out of anyone here.

I chose Prok


Da PRICK iz da mozt gensui, which iz important to me

Zo I vote da PRICK


dayum da shosti and prok in a dead heat. Well’ I’ve put my vote with da Prok, for old timez sake, waz alwayz my no. 1 mofo

Hahaha daim dis poll a bit like choozin which one of yo children

would u kill if u had to :sunglasses:


Easy choice for da TM

Scrib = dun fuck n dun haff kids. Juz a quick handjob/bj combo