Gilels vs Rubinstein

Who do you prefer?

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To me Gilels is the better pianist, while Rubinstein is the better musician, if that makes any sense.


Ruby wuz too busy haffing sex to be bothered with details like practicing :pimp:


That’s really hard. I think Gilels has the top, but Rubinstein a lot more if you go down a notch. I have more respect for Gilels, but if I could pick year myself I’d rather attend a Rubinstein recital.

I guess I’ll do what I usually do which is compare their best work, and in that case it’s Gilels.

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I love Gilels.
Some of his most enjoyable stuff is early on in the career, like all those 30’s and early 40’s recs.

There’s also the recs towards the end of his life in the 80’s that are stunning too.

When he was teaching full time in the 60’s, occasionally the quality of the playing suffered compared with the earlier stuff.

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I think if we had some early Rubinstein recitals this might be a different story, but we don’t. He was 50-60 in the earliest live recs.


We are lucky to have young Gilels recordings like this stunning Shoe Tocc

I don’t think Rubinstein was even capable of the harder Schumann and Chopin pieces but he sure played the easier ones really well.

Maybe if he had practiced more…

Gilels’ best recordings are better than Rubinstein’s best recordings.

Gilels’ worst recordings are better than Rubinstein’s worst recordings.

It is a pity that we don’t have anything from a young Rubinstein due to his early birth and relative late arrival to being recorded.

It is a pity that we don’t have anything from Gilels as an old man, due to his incompetent doctors killing him.

I really like Rubinstein, mostly live, but I don’t agree that he’s a greater musician than Gilels, or even Horowitz for that matter. Rubinstein was, however, the superior performer. He could really put on a show and make the audience happy.


Yeah, I don’t know

Gilels should win handily in terms of technique, repertoire, knowledge, etc.

I still voted for Rubinstein and idk why, it was a very hard decision

I suppose if I were to see a live recital I would choose Rubinstein despite Gilels having better recordings

I love Rubinstein, but I feel more comfortable with Gilels

I love both.


One thing is sure: Ruby at age 70 was a much better pianist than Gilels :lib:


yeah if everything were accessible, I might pick Rubinstein for the early mystery. It’s sure to be interesting.

Gilels never really excited me. However his early Rameau Le rappel des oiseaux might be a Top 10 rec for me.


But pre 1945 CUDA - pure legend