Giltburg - Beethoven 32

Wagner? What song(z) did he record? Didn’t know about that

Edit: I C
He also recorded the works of Wagner for piano, issued by the DDR label, Eterna.

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fuck these big sets!
what the hell!!

why do the record companies think it is ok to go full LEZBOO - sightfuck line by line + edit




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Dis mofo still going… I haven’t bothered listening to any of the others after the first couple, not really that impressed other than the scope of the project. The playing is fine and all but nothing too special. And really disappointed in da sound quality… like they are in a studio right? And also releasing these on naxos…so why it sound like they are using the camera mic??? The bass detail is completely muddy

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I think they are using pro equipment and somehow boosting the bass to compensate for a piano that is too bright?

Definitely not a camera mic. Frankly, I don’t mind the fuzziness.


I stopped listening to this guy after his transcendental set.

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He’s an okay pianist. And that’s about it.

Pretty big rep