Gluck/Friedman vz. Gluck/Sgambati :fuckkk:

Which do u prefah? (arrangement not perf :whale: )

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  • G/S
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Second perf is a lot better tho.

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Yeah diz

Da Sgambati is much more to my taste.

Daim, da Friedman arrangement ragtime 10th spacings randomly dun work very well for tiz.

My fave interp:


hahahah for zum reazon i thought tha firzt verzion wuz a playah piano but choze it neway :dong:

tha 2nd perf add zum zheeyat to tha zcor lyk extra voice her n ther it zeemz n wuz alzo gud :chop:

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Neither really does it for me.

This, however…

(not the perf, just picked a random Asian for da :tm:)